Saturday, December 10, 2011

No more excuses!!

Tonight I finished my husband's gift, and my sister and brother-in-law's gift (plus a couple extras)... which leaves me with Fleece hand warmers... and finishing my MIL's Swoon quilt!!! 

I can't put that Swoon off any longer! I have finished four blocks, cut and marked another two... then for the other three....aah. I think I don't really care for following directions or the lack of freedom I have with this quilt. I will, however, LOVE the end result. Each block is awesomer than the previous. 

I hope my MIL will understand if I don't get it finished by Christmas!! It'll be close...maybe.

As far as other sewing distractions....I still want to make Allie and her cousin Gia stockings... but I should really focus on Swoon!

I'm pretty happy with all that I've accomplished gift wise this year... and I really enjoyed it too. The hardest part though, will be keeping myself from telling Wally what his is! We've always been terrible about waiting until Christmas to exchange gifts... but this year he's going to have to wait... and I already have it boxed up and sealed!! No peeking! 

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