Friday, June 4, 2010

Quilted Cards

Quilted Cards
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Because I love love love written correspondance.
Because my bookstore had these packages of -- strangly almost cool - a little too bold designed - not exactly the cuteness my friends deserve -- note cards on sale for one dollar (the before to be photographed in the morning).
Yes you heard me - one dollar. For a pack of twelve cards and envelopes.
Did I mention I get half off with my discount? :)
Can you guess how many I bought?
Seven boxes.
Amazing fun.
Just go buy some blank (or ugly) cards already, grab a glue stick (so the fabric doesn't slide around too much) and go nuts!
Seven boxes = 84
Ok well I already gave one set away... so 72!
Wow. I've sewn up six so far (and I guess I'll never have a picture of that one that I sent to my giveaway winner will I?

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