Monday, June 7, 2010

A Birthday Skirt

So now that I've finally got a bit of free time... a post about my birthday skirt.
Birthday Skirt
As none of you know, it was my birthday last weekend... so I decided to make myself a skirt. After loving this one I decided that one of the new sheets from the thrift store was destined to become another skirt. I must say this one took a lot longer. Mostly because I put a great awesome ruffle around the bottom. The ruffle, wasn't too hard, but I don't have a serger, so I folded the strips of fabric so the edges met in the middle, then ironed, topstiched each edge, then ruffled it. Much more work but I do love the result. Not to mention that it is my favorite color of green! And, the shirt was $1 at the thrift store's 1/2 off clothing event. Gotta love it!
(bottom hem)


  1. I really like your skirt. I bought the "pattern" to be able to make myself a t-shirt skirt, but I've been so busy making gifts that I haven't gotten to the skirt yet. Maybe next week.

  2. Skirt looks great. Happy Birthday to you!