Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Top Week!

I finally got my act together and finished (started) my spring tops. Last year I made a million of these "spring ruffle tops" from the tutorial on Made By Rae (ok the tutorial that she made for

She hosted a "spring top week" last year and I never got around to submitting my tops. I had only made the one from her tutorial so I guess that's why? Well today I was inspired. So here are my tops!

Here's the green halter top it was inspired by something I'd seen a few weeks ago online. I'm really not sure where to tell you the truth (although I really searched google to try to find it...). It's a refashion from a raglan sleeved long sleeve top (which also came with a striped scarf which I cut up and used for the ties. Very simple - cut off the sleves at the seams, cut some length of scarf x about 1 1/2 inches, thread it through the hem of the neckline. Hem sleves. Done! So easy but I think it's my favorite out of the three.

Then the red/floral top made roughly from the tutorial here Although I didn't really read all the directions... and used some random knit fabric I had around. I like it but sadly looking at these pictures I definatly have no boobs. lol!

Then there is the ruffle top, tutorial here. It's not as good as last years but mostly I think because I'm not the happiest with the fabric.

PS: One day I'll know someone local who knows how to take pictures... and will maybe do something with my hair once in a while... lol. Thanks Wally for taking the pics! :)

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