Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring scarves

For a lack of a better way to put it, this week had a rough start. I was pretty frustrated with someting and just needed something to perk me up. Some people may take that feeling and go shopping. Well, I took it to my sewing room and made these!
Spring scarves. So I really wanted to make something for myself out of the Anna Maria Horner Litle Folks fabric... but I'm not very good at making shirts that I'd actually like to wear. So here it is. About 15 min each and I get to wear them every day! I simply used half a yard of fabric (by the width of the fabric) sewn right sides together, turned, and topstiched (for the blue one), and 1/4 yd of two fabrics for the magenta one.
Amazingness. And it totally brightened my week! As did getting this early mother's day gift in the mail:
Maybe next month I'll have a reason to sew some of these things for myself. (I'm becoming impatient)

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