Saturday, May 1, 2010

Allie's Easter Dress

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As silly as it may seem (after the hours it took me to figure it out) I forgot to write a post about Allie's Easter dress! Here is the back. It is pretty similar to the other dress I made last fall... but this time it was sewn to a long sleeved t-shirt for ease of wear. There are two pannels/layers to the skirt, with rows of pretty ruffles peeking out the back. It seriously tested my sewing skills/designing skills making this dress. It took me several tries to figure out how to have the curved pannels just so, and having the ruffles peeking out. I didn't know where to find a pattern for something like this. It really wasn't too hard now that I understand the construction of such a skirt! Oh, and it's made from two thrifted sheets... perfectly covered in daffodils!

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