Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Whoa it's been forever since I did a WIP Weds post! I was just polishing up a blog post for later this week when I noticed Lee's post on my feed. So I guess I'll play along!

Here are my WIP's:

The Economy Block-along. This is actually already pieced into a quilt top but I'm unsure if the big border is too much for it.... we'll see.

Sabrina's Quilt (um... this kid is over a year old now...) I've got the backing and binding all prepped. I need to borrow a longarm. This quilt is supposed to be my longarm practice so I'm confident enough to do the detail work I want on MY quilt. :) 

Do you prep bindings all at once? I do if I have two quilt tops done at once! These bindings go to the two projects above.

And of course I need a new project! I just received this Jaybird Quilts pattern and ruler in the mail! The quilt finished so tiny that I can't wait to get started!!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you'll poke around if you're new. I have lots of finished quilts and a bunch of free tutorials. Oh - and a quilt tutorial coming later this week!! 

Whew! Now if only I could find some spare time to work on these WIPS. I'm so inspired to finish them now!!


  1. fun projects!! I love the fabrics you have mixed in with AMH in your economy blocks and I guess you just never know what fabric you will find at JoAnn's!! I have seen others with lucky finds too.

  2. eeeep - that ruler is so cute!!!

  3. Very nice! Love the economy blocks. Can't wait to see them both finished!

  4. Love your economy quilt top so far -- think aqua is my favorite color right now. The big print does seem not quite right even though it's in the quilt. Hope to see what your decision is!

  5. Are those Joann remnants? You really scored, they are awesome!