Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Staying Organized At The Summit

Here's my goal. To have this book with me at all times.

I'll be

  • taking notes
  • writing down names
  • writing reminders for myself (ex: look for this book...)
  • sketching ideas
  • writing down funny "remember-whens" (these always occur in high frequency with Amy around!)
  • and asking for your autograph! (just kidding ... although I may be tempted with all of this talent around!!)
I'll also have my new envelope system with me. So I don't over spend. And also truthfully, so I'm not affraid to spend money that I've saved just for this. I've never made/used one of these before, but have seen them on pinterest so I'll make one and give it a shot. I plan to keep a tally of what I've spent and where on the outside of the envelopes. My categories will include money just for fabric. :) 

Maybe I'll even make one of these bookmark/book holder deals too. 

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