Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So the other day I went out in search of a new fabric store... they must have been sold to some other company. Now the location still has the sign on the front, but it's a dry cleaner/seamstress place with very very very little fabric for sale. What's worse is it was ugly fabric, and expensive. So, I went to JoAnn's again. I got my fat quarters for the swap and need to mail them today (I'm already running a bit late on that). I have thus far recieved four of the eight that should be coming for me. There are a couple cute fabrics in there! I'm excited to have more random stuff in my stash of fabric.

On that trip I also got fabric in purple to piece the back of Allie's quilt. I finished the back, and it looks great! We played with fabric paint last week and I was successful at gettin Allie's stamped feet in the corner of the front of her quilt (without ruining it!). Now all I need to do is finish up some of the embroidery then I'll be ready to quilt it together. Still not sure how I'm going to bind it though. I may use pre-made binding tape, or I may buy some fabric and make my own. I'm not sure how much fabric that would take, which is why I didn't buy the fabric for that part yet. It's looking good! I'll post pictures of it soon I promise!

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  1. I got my FQ in the mail today - a great funky pink one. Thanks so much! You're note was great too. I love the dresses you've made your daughter. I'll check back on your blog to see what else you're making.