Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cochlear Implant Processor Pocket

I sew other things sometimes too.
T-shirt with zippered pocket on sleeve. Advanced Bionics Neptune Processor (red). 

Last month I added a pocket to the sleeve of my daughter's t-shirt. 

When a little girl wants to ride amusement park rides, the easiest thing to do is zip her cochlear implant processor into her pocket (leaving the headpiece / coil in place on her head). The processor is secure and she can still hear. 

So far this setup has done great for mild-moderate amusement park rides. Nothing has gone missing. Nothing has been broken. We've yet to give it the real test (roller coasters!!). Since sometimes six year olds can waver in their desire to ride (she loooooooved them last year, but is more nervous about it this year). Either way the zip pocket adds a bit more security and piece of mind. 

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