Thursday, February 12, 2015

Swaps sent and received!

This winter I participated in a couple swaps. I've been late posting about these, but they're always so much fun, so I do want to share them!

Hogwarts Swap

This swap (obviously) was for Harry Potter fanatics. Finally! A swap for my kind of nerd! I was paired up with Valerie / @ToddlerwithScissors. I made her several Harry Potter themed items, a Portkey button keychain, a freezer-paper stenciled 9 3/4 shirt, a paper pieced Deathly Hallows symbol pouch, sparkle vinyl bookmarks with pages from the books sewn to them... etc. The truth? I have no idea how I don't have pics of all of this. What happened to those pics? 

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On the receiving side, I received my swap from Rhianan / @raebirdrhi. Let me tell you, if you're ever in a swap, you want to be paired up with Rhianan! She put together the most thoughtful swap package! She made a wingardian leviosa purse (Noodlehead's 241 bag), and a matching clutch, a sweet HP mini, and all sorts of extra goodies and treats. I'm really impressed. It was also really fun because I had sent a mini to Rhianan for the Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap, so I knew her already. 


For this swap I sent to Kristie / @kharri91 I had a lot of fun with this swap, although it was awfully hard to actually bring myself to stitch cuss words. Who knew it'd be so hard? I made a pouch and a coffee cozy, and sent a bunch of off color extras. 

I received this AMAZING pouch and goodies from Rebecca / @sewpixie. This pouch is spectacular!! Rebecca used some of my favorite fabrics and cross stitched one of my fav sewing quiotes! I'm loving it and I can't wait to use it at Quiltcon! 

I'll post soon about the #Schnitzelandboominiquiltswap too - this post is getting too long! 

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