Monday, December 29, 2014

QuiltCon 2015 - so soon!

Quiltcon 2013, Charlotte, Emily, & Emily

I can't believe it - Quiltcon is just 7 weeks away!

I'm sitting here trying to compile a list of all the things I need to do to prepare for the trip.

Here's my list so far:

  • Order new Moo mini cards. (get a discount by following this link!) (done!)
  • Finish swap projects for my four roomies.
  • Gather some cool USA / Chicago / Ohio specific goodies for Shruti - tips? What is super USA that she should experience? 
  • Make a new bag? Maybe I'll use the Aeroplane bag I made for Sara's quilt market booth? Maybe my weekender?
  • Order buttons - I should do this right? that would be way cool. Who makes good / cheap 1" pin-back buttons? (done!)
  • Gather supplies for my workshops -- when do supply lists get sent out? (done!)
  • Get an eye exam and order new glasses from ZenniOptical.
Are you going to QuiltCon? What is left on your to-do list??

*None of these sites are sponsoring this post-- but hey if they'd like to... lol. Just kidding, I do love Moo and Zenni though. :)


  1. Emily, I get my buttons from cheapestbuttonsnet on Etsy. They are in Chicago and very efficient... and cheap!

  2. I love moo cards too! I got awesome free stickers from them with a coupon!

  3. Yay I can't wait to meet you! I'm rooming with Charlotte so *fun times*!!!!

  4. oooooooh!!!! Getting so excited!!!!

  5. This will be my first quiltcon and I am so excited! I keep hearing about the buttons but have questions, do we put our logos on the buttons (anything else on the buttons like names or web addresses) and about how many buttons should I bring? Thanks!

  6. Where did you order your pins for swapping from? Thanks for the link for the moo discount - got to take care of both these things - soon!