Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP - AMH Love Quilt


I have an obsession, and it's nothing new. I am in LOVE with Anna Maria Horner's fabric designs. 

Way back when I started quilting the first designer fabric I ever purchased was from her Chocolate Lollipop line. I was hooked immediately, and I've been hoarding bits of her fabrics ever since.

A bit of shadow piecing.  #tinypiecing #miniquilt #freepieced #konacharcoal #konacotton #aurifil #annamariahorner

For the past few months I've been (intermittently) working on a quilt I call AMH Love. It's all my tiny bits of AMH fabric, and I'm hoping it comes together just as I envision it. 

To ensure that I don't screw it up - I made a maquette - a practice mini. (I learned this term from Jacquie Gering, what an inspiration!) So while I'm not sharing my full project just yet, here are some snaps of the Maquette.

Playing along with #whatsonyourdesignwall ... this guy is on the design ironing board (not even floor space to spare lol)... since this pic was taken its been quilted, but needs some thread burying and binding to happen soon. Wanna play along #chicagomqg

I'm loving the dense quilting (what? I haven't taken pics of the quilting yet). I'm loving the paper pieced letters ("my first alphabet" pattern by Diane Bohn)