Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blue Hair, Box Pouches, and Secret Sewing.

dyed hair at home blue

Well hello! I dyed my hair blue.

I've been working on several smaller projects the last few weeks. Truthfully it's still really hard to carve out the time for quilting while working full time (I miss my more part time schedule!). I've been working and quilting, and planning.

oil cloth box pouch blue

My ever growing quilt goals. I have so many of them -- but I'm slowly making a little progress. My ultimate goal is to be teaching. I'd love to teach classes locally, and I'd love to do so regularly. Getting myself out there is just the hardest part for me. It might be fear of rejection (many shops only hire their employees to teach - so it's pretty likely). Or fear of just not being good enough. Surely I know how to teach quilting, since I've been teaching my non-sewing friends for years, but something becomes more real when you're asking for payment in return.

kona curry
Secret project
If I had extra space here at home I'd give individual lessons... that would be easier. I am not very good at the business side of requesting proper payment - from a shop or individual. Does anyone want to be my billing dept? 

quilted pillow
FMQ practice on a quilted pillow
I am working slowly toward the goal of teaching, and toward the goal of sustaining my quilting habit through quilt related earned funds. I've recently been working on a couple magazine submissions, and I filmed another episode with Quilty. I'm super proud of these things. It feels good - like validation that I'm growing. I'm stacking up items on my "quilting resume." As a result I don't have a lot to share - these projects will be shown on blog hops, at quilt market, and in magazines in the future. I'm still holding my breath on some of them. We'll see how it all pans out.

I've been keeping busy and breaking up the "important sewing" by making smaller - nonsense projects (no thinking needed). The pictures in this post are all of these sorts of projects. Oilcloth boxy pouches, quilted pillows, and small little fabric buckets.

fabric bucket
Fabric bucket
If only I were using this play time to make a dent in my personal sewing! My mind is so full of my next projects. I have a quilt in my head that will be for my brother and his new wife (!!). I also have plans for some fabric buckets and baskets - I'd love them to be intricately pieced - because what could be cuter than a very useful item that's intricately pieced? I also need to get working on items to sell - I need to amp up my Quiltcon fund before registration happens next month. I think I'll be making several oilcloth box pouches - and some sets of pouches. I'll probably sell them on Instagram so if you're into those sorts of things be sure to follow me there, my Instagram name is MommysNapTime. 


  1. My nurse was over yesterday to give me my shot. She had some time afterwards so I took her down into my sewing room to show her my projects - I had a lot of them laying around, and she seemed to have a great time looking at them. She asked if she could buy some and I told her to pick out whatever she wanted. She picked out 3 or 4 items and when she asked how much to pay me, I got really embarrassed (errrrrrr are you SURE you want to actually pay me MONEY?!) and I told her FIVE BUCKS, lol. I just wanted the money aspect over and done with - I really hate that part - it's just so awkward :/ Love the blue hair!

  2. The blue is so fun! I am jealous, I used to want to do a purple strip but satisfied myself with red stripey highlights instead because of my job...shoulda done it. Good luck with the teaching, I taught a class at a lqs and asked for a gift certificate as payment...paid in fabric worked out well for me...maybe that would work for you :) I am still enjoying the mini you made me, trying to use it to get back in the mood to "sew" as lately the mojo has been lacking...might have made a tactical error in where I hung it though as the arrows seem to point out the window and the Spring weather, lol...thanks again :)

  3. You should totally get out there and teach locally. You could put together a little bio/background listing your accomplishments - especially your work with Quilty. That would be impressive for any shop. Most of them are always looking for fresh, new talent. They are just waiting for you to walk in the door so they can say "yes!" Best of luck!

  4. Love you blue!! I agree with Christa, you should totally teach! You have such talent!
    I know all to well the time issues with working full time and your heart would rather be sewing. Good luck in what ever you decide to do.

  5. You should definitely teach! Any good shop will hire an instructor outside of their regular staff! And I know it's hard to do, but you have to ask for what your time is worth. :) Email me if you want to know what I make for teaching.

  6. You should definitely teach! Any good shop will hire an instructor outside of their regular staff! And I know it's hard to do, but you have to ask for what your time is worth. :) Email me if you want to know what I make for teaching.

  7. I just happened to watch you on a Quilty youtube video...I definitely think you have what it takes to be a good teacher. (Watching that video brought me to your blog.)