Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello old friend...

Today I had a day off. 

(I've been so behind on blogging recently that you all don't even know that I'm working full time again now. No more 2.5 days a week. :( but on the plus side that means we have an easier time making our bills!) 

Part of my new sewing area! Bigger table, tiny stash shelf, drawers of notions. I also kept my old wardrobe for big storage.
I shouldn't blame the lack of sewing / blogging on the increase in work hours... but I guess that contributed. 

Sewing table! My new table is so much bigger -- that's an 18" x 26" mat. Whew!

Also - we moved! Whew - I'll be glad if I don't have to do that again anytime soon!

Today while Allie was at school (a new, fabulous, awesome school -- the major reason we moved)... I finally sorted out my sewing space. It's a shared space with our bedroom - which luckily is a nice big room with lots of sunlight!

Jelly Belly's help with FMQing!
So. I sewed today. 

I grabbed a "project bag" of scraps that I'd sorted by color palate way back before the move, and I set off to make a doll quilt. No sense in trying to tackle any huge project right off -- it had been more than two weeks since I'd sewn, and never before in this house -- so simple and non-thinking seemed about right.

I really wished I had had more of the Moda Bella Strawberry, but those little bits were literally the last bits I had on hand! Other than that I love how this turned out. I used only what was in the project bag, and those were tiny scraps! 

I managed to finish the quilt with enough time to take pictures before Allie got home from school! This little one finished at about 11" x 15" 

Hopefully this is the start back to quilting several times a week, and blogging just as often! :) Thanks for bearing with me while I got my stuff together!


  1. I know you called it a doll quilt, but I think it would make a lovely place mat or table centerpiece.

  2. Hi Emily,
    Your FMQ-ing looks really smooth!
    I can't imagine having to move! It would take me years to pack & years to settle back in!

  3. Your little quilt is totally adorable! I'm glad that you are getting settled in to your new space and that you found some time to sew, too. I hate moving and I've only ever had to do it a couple times.... when we moved to this house, I asked my husband to never make me move again!

    Sometimes we just need to do something for the pleasure of it, just to get our creative juices flowing again :)

  4. Wohoo to Allie being back at school, wohoo at doing some lovely stash busting, wohoo to jelly beans!!