Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here's my homage to my favorite quilting blogs to reccomend to a friend. Recently, my friend Becky asked for a reccomendation of a book - so she could learn to quilt. Well, being that she already owns and knows how to operate a sewing machine, I thnk most "how to quilt" books are overpriced and very basic. Not to mention old and use ugly fabric. --Totally not inspiring me to quilt! So. I told her to come on over to my place and I'll teach her what I know (which in the realm of things is not very much compared to these people). So, I am also sending her with a list of blogs. Being that we are people addicted to the internet already.... Here are my reccomendations. Based on inspiring quilts, great tutorials, beautiful fabric choices, and over all enjoyable reading. :) Remember that I have many many blogs I follow and that these are just the ones specifically liked by me because of the quilting.

Another note to Becky (and, well the two other people reading this - including my mom), while reading through posts it's a good idea to right click the links to open a new tab/window then keep reading. Then go to the links after. It's a good way to find new blogs to follow as well as new projects to make. Also, I do suggest if one is going to try to follow blogs at all, to start one just for the sake of keeping track of projects and stuff. Blogger makes it very easy to do so (like my list of links to the right - of projects I'd like to make). I've spent too much time trying to find "where was that binding tutorial?" lol.

One more thing. That I reccomend. Salvation Army - go to thrift stores and buy sheets (100% cotton when possible) to test things out on. Fabric is expensive and I realised I wasn't sewing as much as I'd like because I was afraid of using my expensive fabric! For two bucks I can get a king sized sheet. Can't beat that!

Enjoy! --she nolonger blogs but this site has a lot of great references (check the sidebar on the right for tutorials and such). Also she's made a TON of great quilts, maybe not your fav. color palate but still. Modern style. --- As I'd said in the other message, an awesome blog all around. Many people contributing to it = lots of variety. I've done a swap or two hosted by them. They also sell fabric. Lots of links to tutorials all around (check out the left hand sidebar for categories. Specifically "quilting month, fat quarter month, and handmade holidays") --- Elizabeth from OhFransson is a guest blogger at sewmamasew... but her own blog is beautiful! It's worth reading and following just for the pictures! Check out the right hand sidebar for the link for quilts - great tutorials there including the one I used to learn free-motion quilting. --- I'm adding this link (though she's not always making quilts), because she designs the best fabric. I'm in love with it really. All of it. Since I love the fabric so much it's great to see anything made with it. Also, to follow the writings of such a talented woman is great. Ok - I think you get the point, but really her books are great and projects are cool. Enjoy all her fabric... (wait till you feel the quilt I'm working on ... it's her fabric and wonderful!) --- I only just recently started following this blog. It's so choc-full of beautiful things that how could I resist? Check out on the right hand sidebar the link for quilts... also links to finished quilts by year. Awesomeness. Also, notice the label for "vintage sheets" lots of great quilts made from repurposed sheets. --- Also recently added to my list of things to read. Beautiful quilts and lots of tutorials for quilts (right hand sidebar) as well as lots of posts about quilts (see the tag there on the right as well). --- A great source of inspiration for colors and styles of quilts! I love this blog! And... she uses a lot of Anna Maria Horner fabric too. :) Be sure to click on the "Quilts" link on the top bar, as well as "tutorials." Being so brainwashed at work about becoming green - I did use her tutorial (as inspiration) to make myself some cloth napkins. --- And finally, craft gossip. They post about the hottest things in the craft-blog world. So a lot of times I'll see a tutorial twice on my blog list, since craftgossip will link to the cool stuff. Sometimes it does not relate to anything I'm doing (ie: scrapbooking, soap making) but it's interresting at least.


  1. thanks!! Hope you have lots of fun sewing and quilting! :)

  2. Cool references! I am just getting into sewing/quilting, as I got a machine for Christmas.