Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why fabric?

The question comes to me sometimes as I spend too many minutes that turn to hours looking at gorgeous fabrics, quilts, and handcrafted items online: why does fabric draw me in?

I figured it out (for right now). I love fabric because it takes what I love about doodling and sketching and pairing beautiful colors together, and makes something useful. I'm not about to display my doodling from last month's calendar on my wall. But I do love how it looks. I love how pleasing to the eye an all black on white swirly doodle looks. Fabric does that. It solidifies that beauty, and then I can make a purse, or a dress, or shirt, or quilt... whatever I might want or need, in those pretty colors and patterns.

Now if I only had the money to buy some (more) of these fabrics!

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