Monday, June 1, 2009

SMS Sewing Machine Month

What brand and model do you have? Singer 57815FS 2 Stitch 15 Stitch Function.
How long have you had it? About 4 years
How much does that machine cost (approximately)? It was $90 on sale... so maybe originally in the $120 range?
What types of things do you sew (i.e. quilting, clothing, handbags, home dec projects, etc.)? I make all sorts of things, mostly clothes for my baby now, but I've made everything on the list there.
How much do you sew? How much wear and tear does the machine get? Recently I've been sewing a little bit every day or so. Several times a week.
Do you like/love/hate your machine? I love my machine I think mostly because it's what I could afford. There are some things I'd rather have in a machine though. Are you ambivalent? Passionate? Does she have a name? no.
What features does your machine have that work well for you? It's pretty simple, strait stitch and zigzag. Nothing fancy. It does both of those things well.
Is there anything that drives you nuts about your machine? I have recently been frustrated because "supposedly" (according to the handbook) the machine came with a feed cover to do free motion quilting. Mine did not and I have yet to find a properly fitting one. Ditto the "darning foot" that they suggest for free motion. Thus I have yet to do any free motion on it. Sad.
Do you have a great story to share about your machine (i.e., Found it under the Christmas tree? Dropped it on the kitchen floor? Sewed your fingernail to your zipper?, Got it from your Great Grandma?, etc.!)? We want to hear it! My sister and I have the same exact machine. We raced through the store on the day after thanksgiving to get them. It was/is the most fun when we're together with out machines sewing various projects side by side. The same machine means between the two of us we know how to fix nearly everything that goes wrong.
Would you recommend the machine to others? Why? Sure. It's a great machine for a beginner (though I am not). It's reasonably priced and not bad especially for someone who likes sewing odd things - thus not needing a specialized machine.
What factors do you think are important to consider when looking for a new machine? I always consider price, but being that I sew a lot more than I'd intended to when I got the machine, I'd say there are various things. I really liked my White that I had before this. It was really old but I loved it. The singer is pretty nice, I would maybe consider things like free motion quilting, different stitches, etc.
Do you have a dream machine?
No. I do drool over some of them that I see from time to time though. I would like a fancier machine but I don't see one coming in the near future!

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