Monday, July 27, 2015

A few zip pouches...

Sewing is always harder in the summer. Gone are my two mornings a week where I am off work, and my daughter is in school. Gone are the days of Allie being tired (from school) at the end of the night. It's all energy all the time! 

So here are a couple zip pouches. They're pretty, they were gifts, and well, they finish quickly enough!

I can say that I have been working little by little on a couple quilts - but they're not being released for a while, so I can't share. The sewing is so slow though. Sooo slow. 

At the very least, there are always zip pouches!

There is definitely sparkle vinyl in my near future too!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Rolling Hills Cushion - Quilt Now Magazine Issue 13

Check it out! My Rolling Hills Cushion is in the new issue of Quilt Now Magazine! You can find this in issue 13 on PocketMags online, on newsstands if you're in Europe, or in Barnes & Nobles (in a month or so). 

I love this little pillow - It was my first project after returning from QuiltCon. I was fueled by loads of inspiration (and some new FMQ to practice). I didn't have the stamina to start a huge project, so this was made with those random FQ's I bought from the QuiltCon vendors. I just love the texture of free motion quilting on linen! 

I think quilted pillows are one of my very favorite things. What about you? 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cochlear Implant Processor Pocket

I sew other things sometimes too.
T-shirt with zippered pocket on sleeve. Advanced Bionics Neptune Processor (red). 

Last month I added a pocket to the sleeve of my daughter's t-shirt. 

When a little girl wants to ride amusement park rides, the easiest thing to do is zip her cochlear implant processor into her pocket (leaving the headpiece / coil in place on her head). The processor is secure and she can still hear. 

So far this setup has done great for mild-moderate amusement park rides. Nothing has gone missing. Nothing has been broken. We've yet to give it the real test (roller coasters!!). Since sometimes six year olds can waver in their desire to ride (she loooooooved them last year, but is more nervous about it this year). Either way the zip pocket adds a bit more security and piece of mind. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dreaming Geese

I just love seeing my quilts professionally photographed. I think that maybe that's one of the very best parts of having my work published in magazines. The photography is always so stunning! 

Dreaming Geese by Emily Lang Quilt Now Magazine Issue 12

Quilt photography is something that I'm only ok at. I can take close ups, and I can take a decent shot here or there, but I always struggle with getting the shot I actually want. 

This was the shot I wanted. The pretty, draped, handsome shot.

Check it out in issue 12 of Quilt Now Magazine

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tiny Neon Flying Geese

This little flying geese mug rug has been a WIP for so long. It had been lingering for more than two years! 
Flying geese in a circle. 8" x 8" using neon fabrics and kona coal.

I started this little guy right after QuiltCon 2013, I was really inspired to use the bright neons I'd bought at the show. I whipped up this little 8" x 8" block using the free paper pieced pattern from Briarpatch Studio. I shrunk the paper pattern by 50% (I think...). The little flying geese measure just 1" x 1/2"! 

It's just one block - why did it take me two years to finish? First it was because I wanted to make it into a mini quilt, and I couldn't decide what else to add to it. Then I was using it as a sample in my foundation paper piecing demos at IQF. When I pulled it out to use during my IQF demo last month I noticed that it had faded. FADED. The neon pink in the block was half as pink as the leftover scraps. The block had never spent much time in the sun, and had been packed away with my paper piecing things for most of the two years but it was so faded. 

I decided the only real use for this block is to be a sample during my demos. I suppose that will have to do. I'm sad to have spent the time precisely piecing it only for the fabric to fade. It's a lesson learned, neon fabric is just not that stable. 

I finished this up at the Chicago MQG retreat a few weeks ago. Adding a bit of fancy free motion quilting seemed just right for it. I'm sure I'll make another with better fabrics one day, but until then, this is my little paper pieced demo sample. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reclaiming my blog -- Did you see my new tattoo?

I haven't been blogging very frequently. I hold no obligation to this blog, other than a personal obligation to catalog my work. ... but I still feel the need to mention my absence. 

Shruti and I's Quiltcon tattoos Quilt Blocks & Expecto Patronum
For the past two years I have been spending time working on the Chicago MQG blog. I was the Technology Director for the guild, and this required lots of blogging and coordinating info... and less time available here. Plus, I've been back to working (nearly) full time for two years now. Whew! Blogging was easier when I was home more! Anyway, my time as Tech director is now over, and I'm ready to get back to at least blogging about finished projects! lol. I'm so behind!

It's important to me that I keep a documented list of the quilts that I make. Most of my quilts are given away, and I don't want to forget them! 

There might be a few fairly boring posts in the next few weeks. These posts will hold at least one photo of a finished quilt, and hopefully some additional details regarding the quilt. Bear with me as I get caught up on the quilts of the past few months.

The good side of all this -- while I wasn't taking the extra time blogging, I was still quilting up a storm! I've published several projects in magazines, and there are several more to come. I've finished five mini quilts, one baby quilt, and several other projects so far this year! 

This post would have been awfully boring without pictures. So here are some photos of my Quiltcon Tattoo! 

My tattoo (left) and Nikki's tattoo (right)
At Quiltcon 2013 I saw Nikki's quilt block tattoo (the day after she got it!). I fell in love with it immediately! Over the course of the next two years I daydreamed and sketched my version of it. Finally when Quiltcon 2015 was close, I started looking for a tattoo artist and researching allergy info. See, I'm allergic to a chemical, Glycol, which is often used as an additive in just about anything - especially liquids. Luckily my friend Jessica suggested Affinity Tattoo - and they were FANTASTIC! 

My tattoo was done by David Guy, and he was excited to take on the challenge. His preferred ink contained no glycol, and he went out of his way to contact the companies of all the products he used - to verify that there was no glycol present in them either. I can't tell you how exceptional this is. David was also excited for the challenge of my quilt blocks! He did great! I had almost no swelling, and very little pealing, no scabbing. The whole thing was amazing! 

Shruti and Emily came with me to my appointment. Shruti also got a tattoo (Expecto Patronum!). It was a fantastic experience overall. (Especially when Shruti glared at me while her tattoo was being done -- apparently mine didn't hurt as much as hers!) 

I absolutely love this tattoo - it's everything I wanted it to be. :) Oh and the quilt blocks are spaced a scant 1/4" apart - just because I could! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Afternoon Tea Mug Rug

Check it out! A tiny fussy mug rug. Of course on such a tiny project it's pretty easy to rationalize using tiny bits of my tiny tiny Liberty stash. These little flowers were lounging in my stash for years - given to me by a dear friend, they were always too precious to use. There comes a time where it just seems right, so that's how this mug rug was born. 

This mug rug was featured in issue 7 of Quilt Now Magazine. You can get a copy by following this link. It's always a joy to have my projects in Quilt Now - there's something much more real about seeing my project in print!